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Fix It Now!

Fix It Now! is a grassroot effort to address Maine’s growing problem of rough roads and aging bridges. We need your input. Learn about the problem and its effects on our lives, and find out what you can do to help.

Maine’s rough roads and old bridges slow our economy down and cost us money.


miles of important Maine highways are ranked ‘poor’ or worse for safety


miles of Maine highways are in ‘poor’ or worse condition


Maine bridges are rated ‘deficient’ or ‘obsolete’

$912 M

annual cost of motor vehicle crashes in Maine

If Maine is going to prosper, we need safe, efficient roads and bridges.

Fix It Now! is a grassroots effort to address Maine’s growing problem of rough roads and aging bridges. For far too long, our leaders have shortchanged our roads and bridges, and that must change, because we need safe, efficient transportation for our towns and cities to prosper.

We are building a coalition of people and organizations throughout the state to call for change. We need your input. Read more about this effort and find out what you can do to help.

How did we get here?

Maine today spends less than 10% of all state funding on transportation compared to 26% 40 years ago.

Who pays?

Maine citizens pay dearly for rough, unsafe roads and bridges– nearly $300 a year in extra car maintenance and repair and $715 a year due to increased auto accidents.

We can change it!

First, we need to tell our leaders that we need to invest more – now!

Let our leaders know that funding for Maine’s infrastructure is a priority.

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